Winter Skin Care Tips

We are in that yucky part of winter where bitter cold is the norm, and the air is DRY! How do you keep your skin looking supple when the weather is fighting against you every step of the way? Here are a few tips to keep you looking glowy and fresh during the dark, dreary days.

1. Don't cleanse too often!

    Of course you want to be clean, but taking too many hot showers or baths deprives your skin of natural oils. When you wash your face, use warm, not hot water!

2. Add moisture to your home.

    Get yourself a humidifier to add some moisture to the oh-so-dry air in your home. You'll notice the difference and your lungs will be happier too!

3. Moisturize from the inside out.

    DRINK. YOUR. WATER. Enough said.

4. Change the formula of your cleansers.

    Get a cleanser that is more moisturizing, especially if you are used to formulas with glycolic acid or other acne-fighting ingredients.

5. Pamper your skin!

    Take a trip to the spa and get your whole body pampered! If you live in the Mansfield, Ohio, area, stop by Bankz Salon for the Diva for a Day spa package! The masseuse will use wonderful oils to keep your body soft and moisturized during that 1-hour massage. The aesthetician will baby your face with a  1-hour facial customized to your skin's needs. Can we say baby bottom soft? Throw in a mani, pedi and a blow dry style and you'll feel like a whole new person!

Conveniently located in the Carrousel District of downtown Mansfield, Bankz Salon & Spa is housed within the walls of a 1920s marble bank. Sophisticated in stature, glamourous in appearance, and classic in service, we offer all the services you need to pamper yourself and those you love. Allow us to show you pure indulgence – you’ve worked hard and you deserve Bankz Salon & Spa.


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