Mesmerizing Massages

 Unique Massage Options

You may be familiar with traditional massage methods such as deep tissue, hot stone, or chair massages. At Bankz Salon, we constantly break norms, from brightly colored hairstyles to gorgeous manicures. We do everything unique to the client and truly care about you.

Something we do differently is our massage options; we offer a variety of services that you may not be able to receive elsewhere. One of our more unique massage methods is our aroma touch/raindrop therapy. This method works by mixing different massage types and dropping essential oils on our client's spine and feet in a specific sequence to relax the body and promote relaxation. 

When you leave this appointment, you will find that your body and mind will feel at ease, relaxed, and refreshed. As appealing and relaxing as this sounds, the benefits are just as good as the mentioned main factors. For instance, many essential oils are good for supporting your immune system and soothing inflammation and pain in joints. Additionally, you experience reduced respiratory discomforts and improvement of your circulatory system. While promoting relaxation, you also experience a decrease in muscle tension and bring the body back into alignment.

If you often find yourself stressed, achy, and uncomfortable, this massage method may be for you. In addition to this unique type of massage, we offer many of the traditional techniques and other unique massage types. To learn more, visit our website or give us a call at (419)524-2259 to talk with us about which kind of massage will suit your needs!


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